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[ARC Review] Follow Me Back by A.V Geiger | Beware on your stalkers…

Title: Follow Me Back
Author: A.V Geiger
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Released date: June 6 2017

Got my copy via Netgalley for an exchange of honest review!


20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908 My thoughts 20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908

This is the second book I read like fangirling-meet-celebrity thing and until now, it didn’t fail to amaze me. This one is tricky, the twist is on control and everything set in order. The ending? OMG! The ending, you wouldn’t even expect it coming. I finished this book in one seating, what can I say? it’s addictive and you don’t want to miss everything.

The story surrounds to Tessa Hart, an eighteen year old fangirl of Eric Thorn. She stays only at home, in her room and just listening to Eric’s music as her comfort zone. She’s also meeting a therapist to help her severe anxiety. Tessa creates a Twitter account that holds 30.1k followers and create the hashtag #EricThornObsessed that hit the trends for days. Then, Eric Thorn, a paranoid teenage boy because of what happened to the last singer who murdered by fans. He’s more terrified and he’s fighting back to his paranoia and he creates a fake account to ruin the fangirls including @TessaHeartsEric.

YUP YUP I love this book so much! I seriously can’t help not to read it until the end. I like how the author writes the story from the investigation thingy and how the story flows continues in every interval of those transcripts that made of Tessa and Eric. It helps me to understand what’s really happening between the two characters and the action is not really taking long.

The two characters are both adorable and really chessy on their exchanging messages. They both make me giggle and laugh and I can easily blend in to the story and the happenings in this book. Overall, this is a twisty and I love it so much. No bad things happen and everything seems in perfect timing and place for the mystery. I just knew about the second book and I really can’t wait for more stories.



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