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[ARC Review] One of us is Lying by Karen M. McManus | ANOTHER MYSTERY SOLVED!

Title: One of us is Lying
Author: Karen M. McManus
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Released date: May 30 2017

Got my copy via Netgalley for an exchange of honest review!


20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908 My thoughts 20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908

OKAY, HOLD UP JUST A MINUTE… THIS BOOK IS JUST WONDERFULLY AND AWESOMESAUCE GREATNESS OVERLOAD. I have been thinking so much the mystery behind of this book and everyone, this book gave me too much Sherlock senses and ya know, I really love Sherlock and solving mystery cases like this. But the ending, it is unexpected. I’M SHOOKED!

The story took place in high school were five students went to detention for having phones in the class and should write 500 words essay as punishment. Simon, one of the students in detention and a writer of a blog About That, mysteriously died and the police are investigating four students that are in the same room with him. Students has their own secrets, secrets hasn’t yet to reveal and scared that everyone in the school will found out because of Simon’s website. Who is lying? Who would you believed? Well, it’s for you to read this book and find out who is lying and the murderer among them.

This book is one blown away book. I honestly love this book! I’ve been thinking the mystery around and getting suspicious to every character each chapter of this book. I must say, the people in this book are good at hiding their secrets and revealing them each chapter. You can’t put down this book so easily because of the twist and the breathe-taking revealing truths. I just can’t.

Overall, it is twisted and seriously guys, pick this book once it’s on the shelf because I don’t want you to miss out the best mystery EVER and I’m recommending this to everyone who love solving mysteries, being a Sherlock and fans of The Breakfast Club and Pretty Little Liars.

20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908 FUN FACT 20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908

I watched these movies: El Cuerpo and Contratiempo, both of them are Spanish movies and I wanted you know guys that story is like-somehow this. I swear, the twist, the ending, the mysteries behind dead person and getting investigated are seriously like in this book. I can’t stop watching the both movies and if you are into this book, One of us is lying, I tell you guys, those movies are UNFORGATTABLE AND PERFECT!


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