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Blog Changes | I’m having hell daysss

Hey everyone! I haven’t touch my  blog like forever and I’m just more update on my Instagram! I haven’t done any books reviews and fangirling stuffs, I feel so dreadful and I finished too many books and I didn’t get any reviews about it.

The thing is, my work is eating both reading and blogging stuffs. And I can’t do it all of them at the same time. Plus, I’m working weekends also and I’m not always at home. Just last week, I’m in a out of town for business and work stuffs. I’m so sorry about no updates on my blog and no reviews! I hope everyone could understand and forgive me for no updates 😦

Speaking of blog changes: Yes, I’m working on blog changing stuffs. From the photos, reviews and everything! I will launch the changes on next week since I’ve been working a lot of stuffs. Also, I’m trying to finish all the books for reviews, especially my eARCs that I requested and most of them are out dates and I’m sooo late on reviewing them. I haven’t update my Netgalley, and I have to keep up and be a good book reviewer once more.

I am having HELL DAYS since I have so many projects to finish until the end of September. I already started to plan out my blogging, and sketching some changes. It will not be big changes but I can make sure it will be more friendly looking blog and everyone can relate.

I am more active in instagram and if you have one, you could visit it at @DMCIREADS and you can see all the books I read and some fandom updates I did.

I’m so sorry again everyone.


Dani of dmcireads


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