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[ARC Review] Blood Brothers by Colleen Nelson

Title: Blood Brothers
Author: Colleen Nelson
Publisher: Dundurn
Release date: April 25 2017

Got my copy via Netgalley for an exchange of honest review! Thank you Dundurn!


20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908 My thoughts 20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908

The story goes with two POV, Jakub and Lincoln, who are best friends since little. When Lincoln’s brother, Henry, got back home, Lincoln tag along with his brother and the gang and Jakub went to a Catholic School. Until then, Lincoln been with his brother and Jakub been busy schooling. Lincoln been part of Red Bloodz where the gang snatch cars and kill anyone who owe them. One tragic gang fight it changes the life of these two person. Their friendship tested, broken trusts, but still yet they know can go back where they used to be.

This is a WOW. I thought this book will be a dull at first since its pretty lame in first chapters of the book. But man, I read this book for only a day because I can’t look away that easily. Every chapter has a thrilling actions and wanders between these two boys. Each scenarios has a designated happenings where you can easily hooked up quickly. The book goes fast-paced in deeper chapters like you don’t want to miss a thing until the end.

The story goes by heartbreaking and painful since this friendship that they totally value but they came into their struggles that it totally tested their friendship. Roller coasters of emotions flooded me while reading this. I really liked it. This is might be a lesson to young boys out there. Man, if you read this book, I hope you found this book quick. This beautifully written by the author and I love every bits of it.


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