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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Photos in my Bookstagram #1

Hey everyone!

I don’t know what to post for this day, so I decided to share my photos in my Instagram and picked top ten photos that have most likes! My Instagram is a growing feed and I’m in love with it! Just snap and edit photos, that’s it! I’m earning more bookish friends and they appreciate my photos. They commented a lot of and I’m pretty speechless since I don’t know what to say, like really.

So I just want to share and I might do this a series or not, still undecided yet, but let’s see if you want to see more of my photos work! I could also tag here some awesome bookstagrammers that I could feature here in my blog! So, let’s get this started! 😀



So what do you think guys? Does it give you a little inspiration? 😉 I want to know what you think of these photos! If you want me to follow your account, leave it the comment box below and let’s get more connected!


Thank you so much for viewing!



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