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[ARC Review] Gilded Cage by Vic James + Excerpt

Title: Gilded Cage
Author: Vic James
Publisher: Del Rey Book (Random House Publishing Group)
Release date: February 14 2017

Got my copy via Netgalley for an exchange of honest review! Thank you Del Rey Books! 


20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908 My thoughts 20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908

Another dystopian world where it will transfer you to the world of England where there are two different people living in this estate. First, the Equals, this people have dark gifts that is no ordinary people can do, so they are called “Equals”. Then second are ordinary people they will slaves and serving the Equals for 10 years. This focuses to Hadley Family decided that they want to start their slavedays where they will absolutely commit their selves for the Equals, Jardine’s Family. Unfortunately it turns out Abi’s plan ruined due to Luke been sent to Millmoor, where he have to work there in factories unlike to Abi’s situation in the house of the Equals. Will Abi learn what is the secrets behind Jardine’s Family and Luke will ever see his family again?

This book leaves me great feelings of action and mysteries while reading this book. I absolutely want to get the second book quickly! *Sigh* this is my third time to read multiple POV and it turns out pretty great! But this is a great thing, this book have 7 POVs that have different scenarios and different personality. I’ve read book with multiple POV but it’s like their connected to each one of them. But this book, every chapter you’ll see different aspect and roles which pretty good because you will see how they think and how they act in a simple situation. One bad thing for me is kind of confusing. I’m not use to read multiple POV since most books I’m reading is one or two POV. It’s pretty challenging for me to read this one, but I’m absolutely loving it!

Let’s go to the romance, there is none much romance. I just can’t feel the romantic scenes here especially to Jenner and Abi. I didn’t even much focus on romantic since, I am more on focus on the rivalry between Equals and Millmoor world. And for the characters, heroic and obviously good with their roles. The writer obviously nailed every characters that made for this book.

This is mix of SOC and RQ stories, but I am more intrigued to know more about the mysteries behind of the Equals. Of course, it’s England, I mean, I really love the stories that sets here. I can totally imagine how good and bad things running to stories. Overall, I love the story and I can’t wait for the second book.


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