What’s up guys?! Sorry for not posting much for my website in ages, because;

1) I’m so busy to work and I have a project that totally got my way on reading;

2) Renovating my website on good looking website and;

3) Planning great in my blog for next year. So I am really sorry guys and will probably get more in touch and balance work and blogging time!

So my mission for next year is that I will try to post weekly features memes because that’s all I’ve been wanting to do but I want to start it next year as my improvement of blog site. Another, reading in proper order and reviewing books every weekends or every free time I have. Lastly, I will balance my working load and reading load, because I have a full time job also and at the same time I want to blog, so I have to schedule my weekly features and weekly reviewing things!

Let’s talk about 2016, what’s have been happening for me this 2016?

2016 has been a great year for me. Meaning by great is that I got my blogging site arranged in first place, few followers I know this is a start of my blogging journey. Bookstagram also, I started this year and taking more serious bookish related posts! I am so glad turning it up so good this year. And also, arranging my Netgalley account and getting more eARCs and auto approved books by publishers! Yes, I did improve it lately this few months back! I’ve got a lot of approved request from great books that will be published next year! I am so excited to review and read them mostly!

I’ve started blogging eARCs also and started reviewing subscription boxes that I want this year! *GAAAAAH!* This is a huge step up for me since I am from the Philippines and sometimes it’s really hard to get ARCs and subscription boxes but guess what, I nailed it and it’s all start this year!

Lastly great thing happen to me is that I wrote my very first novel. I started drafting it and passing it to the publishers and I’m praying to published it nearly this year and I know this is a great start of me being a writer (even though I am an engineer in the other hand) and this is another step up to me. I’ve write stories before but scared to show them and now, I think I got it!


Incoming 2017, I pray and wish that this will be my another great year for me. Not only as a blogger but also as an engineer! I don’t know what will be the struggles I am facing but, I can already feel it that I will have another wondrous and adventurous year of my life.


For my book folks and other bloggers out there, Happy New Year to everyone! I wish you all great things this year and hoping to have great bookish friends, not just locally but international also!

Happy New Year everyone!


What’s have been happening to you for this year? Share it below and let me know how’s your year been doing! I would love to hear from you guys!




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