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Bookish Tag: This or This Book Tag

This is the first time I’ve been tag and I’m so excited to do this! Let’s see if what books should I choose since this will be challenge for me! I want to thank Alyssa of Book Huntress for tagging me!


  • Thank the blog who tagged you and link back to them.
  • Your first book is the last book of the person who tagged you
  • You have to follow the list of books that the person who tagged you gave you, and then you’re going to do something like “book 1 vs book 2”.
  • As soon as you have a winner, you choose seven more books and blogs to answer to this tag.

Alyssa’s last book is



27883214 VS. carvethemark_roth_epicreads

These two are my most awaited books for next year! I have no idea what’s for these two books. Covers are so great and it’s hard to choose. I know Veronica Roth because of the Divergent series and I love those, so I’ll go to Carve the Mark.

carvethemark_roth_epicreads VS. sixofcrows

I’ll go with Six of Crows! Leigh Bardugo is my bae! I really love her books so much that I want to sink in more about Ketterdam!

sixofcrows VS. 23203106

I like Wink Poppy Midnight, like totally got into about these three POV but Six of Crows still rocking my mind.

sixofcrows VS. 25663637

I’ll vote for When We Collided. I cried so much for this book.

25663637 VS. 25679389

I didn’t feel much about Away We Go but this book is great also! So I’m a go to When We Collided.

25663637 VS. thirteen-reasons-why

I’m killing myself right now! My vote is Thirteen Reasons Why, this is the second book that I’ve read and it’s lovely!

thirteen-reasons-whyVS. 16143347

We Were Liars was great to read. Fascinating read actually but I’m still going to Thirteen Reasons Why.



I’ll be tagging random bloggers;


Thank you so much for viewing!



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