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[Review] Kill The Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky

Title: Kill The Boy Band
Author: Goldy Moldavsky
Release date: February 23, 2016

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Just okay, I… I feel disappointed reading this book. Maybe it’s just me since I’m not such a fangirl in every boy band that I know and I listened, in short I can’t totally relate but I tried to finish and to understand what’s been going on.Two things I hate: One, I totally get slump reading the whole part one of the story, i fed up quickly and thinking for a second that should I continue it or not since it’s yeah teens fangirling and too young to kidnap someone just because their fans and they’re crazy over it. Second that I feel upset, the bad approach the story, i’m expecting more twist since this got my attention when I knew that Rupert P died and they will think how will they deal for his death. I absolutely get my hopes up for good and twisty investigation but yeah it turns me down.

What I like is that how they handle they’re trusting issues for the whole night. They’ve been fighting yes but they know that they have to be team and think first what will they do. Ending was good since everyone learned they’re lesson of what they have done for Rupert. For Sloan (or not real name) and to Rupert K, I know they’re something going on between them and feeling of they should be together but it is good that Sloan won’t be with Rupert K since she knows better.

Overall, i’m just upset of what it turns out unexpectedly in the killing part and to the twist of the story, it’s not enough. I mean, it is good story and roughly inspired from true events, but i’m expecting more thrilling facts and more of the story. It is just a bad approach for me.


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