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[Review] The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L Armentrout

Title: The Problem With Forever
Author: Jennifer L Armentrout
Release date: May 17, 2016

20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908 My thoughts 20adf4_df1db29699fc459a8480746d5e7c0908

This is my first book that I read from Jennifer L Armentrout, I’ve hear a lot of good reads to her past books but these one totally caught my eye. From the book cover, it is a beautiful art yet simple but beautiful. I can totally sense that there is a strong feeling that keeps me going on reading this book. I read the synopsis and man, i’m so eager to read so yup! I did finish the book for 2 days straight.

First three chapters of the book got me hooked quickly. I didn’t want to put my book down again easily. It’s giving me this urge that if I stop reading, i will miss everything. The story really caught me up and every chapter of it, it’s leaving me a mark that i will not forget.

I think Mallory is a strong girl and thinking how she grows for giving words that she need to find. When she met Rider again, the way she felt changes everytime she’s been with her. I won’t judge that since they’ve been together for a long time and they’ve been lost for a long time too. I like to see Mallory find her words in the end despite of everything happens to her past and to her with Rider. On the other hand, Rider, another book boyfriend. All the girls dream of is this man and I love the way he treats everyone especially to Mallory. He is the kind of guy who is open to help everyone when he’s needed and i totally liked it more of him. They’ve been good together and knowing the ending it turns pretty handy and giving us lessons what we think of forever.

This book give me this unforgettable feelings, ups and downs between arguments and how people connected and handle Mallory. This book give me high five emotions and what can I say, it is one hell good book to read and frankly recommend this book to everyone just to be aware what forever really means.


Thank you so much for viewing!


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